Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 things about me

i have been tagged by my friend to do this. so i'll do it for her and for my own good. lol.
these are 10 facts about my self.. some of tme are good and some of them are my bad habbits..

  1. i am a very lazy girl. i've never been shower before i go to campus. i don't care ! this is 2008 man, does sombody care about that? there are two answer. nope they aren't ! and yes! only my mother i thought.. lol. the important thing is "parfume is an important thing and always in my bag" that's it.. problem solved !!
  2. i am a smoker. i know that is a bad habbit. but i can't stop. maybe i'm a smoke addict! i love marlboro, the red one. i love it. would u marry me marlboro? lol. i must be crazy about cigarette..
  3. i don't know wheter this good or bad. but now, i like make up very much. i can't leave the house without make up, it'll make me less confident.. hahaha =). a little touch up of eye liner, blush on, and mascara, these things will make me feel confident..
  4. i love GOD, my family and i love my bestiest. i can't live without them. GOD is my savior, he gave his life for me. my family and my bestiest, they are my power. can u imagine that u live alone without them? aaaargghhh your life will become sucks, and you will live in pains. poor you..
  5. i love food, and i willingly spent a lot of money for good food. like sushi, sashimi, steak. i know too many carbohydrates and calories of food that i eat. i always want to beome a vegetarian, but i just can't.
  6. i am crazy about shopping, and every girls or ladies love sale! who doesn't love sale? even geek love sale, lol. i don't really like buy something because of their brand. i'm not a hedonism.. of course im not.
  7. i hate backstabber !! if u don't like me, please don't talk in my back.. euuuw go to hell biatch..
  8. i am coldplay addict. muuahahaha chris martin u are so damn hot ! i will be ur second wife if u want. i'll help you to take care apple martin. lol
  9. i am obsessed to be an UPPER EAST SIDER. they're all super cool. they have what their want. money, hotel, party, nightlife, breakfast at tiffany's. i want to be a Queen like Blair Waldroff. i want to be blonde like Serena Van Der Woodsen. i want to have my own hotel like Chuck Bass. i want to be a part of them ! hey, wake up, dreams is over..be your self man! lol
  10. and finally, i love my boyfriend. his name is Dian Putra Pattinama. he's the best boyfriend ever! although he is "BATAK", but he is the greatest man i've ever had..

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